Weaving 6 Meter Tine Drill

  • Year: 2013
  • Price: £14,750

This time proven seed drill is suitable for min-till or plough based cultivation systems and all soil types including very light soils. The drill works in wet and dry conditions and with 4 rows of auto-reset tines is easily able to cope with large amounts of trash. The Weaving Tine Drill plants all seed types & sizes from oil seed rape to beans. Low HP requirement, high work rates and simple calibration.

Hydraulic Fan Drive
4 Rows of auto-reset tines with 12.5cm (5”) row spacings, 1.5 Ton plastic hopper and RDS basic tramline system with low level seed sensor. Wheel eradicator tines and a double row of following harrows. Hydraulic markers, LED road lights, wing support wheels and over run brake on the metering wheel. Hydraulic folding to 2.9M transportation width.

This drill is in immaculate condition with all new metal

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